Overcoming the limitations of life

[FILE PHOTO] Grand Administrator and Director, Supreme Board of the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis ( AMORC ), otherwise known as the Rosicrucian Order, Dr. Kenneth Idiodi.

Overcoming the limitations of life’ was the theme of a public lecture by the Lagos Zone of the Rosicrucian Order (Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, AMORC), a fortnight ago.

It attracted hundreds of people, particularly the academia and self-employed intellectuals.

Given at the Isis Lodge, Ilupeju, the lecture was preceded by the introduction of the Order and a welcome address by the event’s Chairman, Johnson Ikube.

The AMORC was introduced as a philosophical, cultural and humanitarian organisation dedicated to the study and investigation of natural and spiritual laws and their application for the attainment of human health, happiness and peace.
The Order worldwide is now 3,371 years old in its recorded history. In Nigeria, it is 85 years old. It has been established in over 100 countries of the world.

The AMORC is a school of life open to both men and women of all religions, nationalities, vocations, professions, races and cultures.

In his keynote address, ‘Towards greater alignment of our national priorities’ Ikube, the chief executive of Ikube Online Services, said as human beings, we have common needs, even when we have different aspirations and wants.

We all must learn how to transform the challenges in our lives for better living in a challenging world.

Continuing his keynote address, Ikube said that in the realities of our modern world, a nation must first and foremost rest squarely on its economy be an enabler, not the driver of the economy, which partly what made the early days of our nation progressive: autonomous regions and a dependent centre, saying: “We must rework our priorities such that we truly become a nation driven by our economy.”

He believed we are currently driven more by the politicians, rather than by our economy.

The political players of our six geopolitical zones are playing politics to the detriment of the economy, adding that the zones should be renamed economic zones, focusing on growing their economies, then, the states would be more appropriately aligned to add more value to their zones.
He stated: “We are plagued by a Nigeria where many receive money without producing anything or rendering service for the progress of the economy.”

Ikube said we should detach religion from governance, embrace spirituality that unites, while the religions divide, urging election officials to recuse themselves from overseeing elections, as modernity demands the election of leaders that understand intricately connected variables, which is why we must elect people with appropriate education and tract record of service.

He then introduced the guest lecturer of the day as Ekanem Kofi-Ekanem, a renowned architect and the Grand Councillor of the Cross River State chapter of AMORC.

In the main lecture, Ekanem enunciated the Rosicrucian concept of ‘All is law; all is Order. What exists, exists for a purpose. Learn the law and you will be rewarded by knowing how to use it.’

He said the two limitations that affect us are time and space. In our perception, time and space limit every aspect of our lives, intruding into our every working moment.

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