Project Nigeria debuts on NTA International

Nigerian Television Authority (NTA)

A new television documentary is set to hit the airwaves on October 15, 2018.

Dubbed Project Nigeria, the documentary, which beams its searchlight on the achievements of Nigeria’s current democratic experience, is produced by Moss Media Limited, a Lagos-based professional broadcast media organisation in collaboration with NTA International (NTAi).

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Moss Media Limited, Prince Moses Samuel, the documentary is all about the Nigerian Project since the inception of this administration in 2015.

“Project Nigeria is a television documentary dedicated to promoting Leadership, Democracy and Good Governance in Nigeria.

Since the current administration came into power in 2015, like the ones before it, beginning from Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s, it has continued to make significant investments in the infrastructural needs of the people towards meeting the growing demands of a modern economy.
“Each of these administrations did its bit in the process of reforming the state, the economy and improving on the quality of lives of the people.

Project Nigeria is thus a non-partisan special documentary television series that captures all the human and capital developmental structures of this democratic dispensation, as the nation counts down to the general elections in 2019.

It cuts across the entire breadth of the country from the centre to the states, ministries and parastatals.”

Project Nigeria, according to Prince Samuel, is Nigeria’s first democratic corporate governance television series dedicated to showcasing leadership, focusing on major projects that have been executed in the country by the governments at the centre and the various states.

“The documentary, as from October 15, will feature Spot Interviews with government officials and other select personalities, relating to the projects, including the opinion of the beneficiaries and leaders in the communities.

The focus of every democratic structure is to see that the electorate gets the required dividend of democracy and celebrate the vote that transfers the people’s power to an elected leader, as it is generally said that Power belongs to the people.”

Samuel posited that the relationship between political leadership and the public elicits great interest all over the world, adding that the citizenry needed a documentary like Project Nigeria, which would serve as a visual authentication of what the various governments claim to have done, especially since 2015.
“Voting in elections is an investment for the electorate. Choosing a candidate is the basis of the power and authority that the beneficiary of such mandate exercises.

For this effort, therefore, electorate expects bountiful returns in the form of good leadership and governance through infrastructural provisions.

Therefore, people need to know to what extent the political leadership has kept the promises made during campaigns.

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