Regal in Ankara head wrap

Ankara Headwears

Ankara Headwears

Nowadays, headgears are not worn just to village meetings, weddings or other African occasional events. They are also worn on a regular basis to act as accessories to our casual look. Sometimes you might be wondering what will stand you out from others with your casual look. Well look no further because with your Ankara head wrap you can look fashionable, at the same time unique.

There are so many ways to exhibit your creativity. You could try blending your modern outfit with an Ankara head wrap but few people might feel shy of what people would say when they showcase their unique style. But if you make a clear observation’ you will discover that it is now rare for someone to go out a day and not see few people with at least one style of Ankara embedded into their outfits, either as a jacket, a top, bag, shoes, jewelry etc.

It is safe to say Ankara has a very strong place in Nigeria’s fashion world.

The African headgears are A perfect fashion accessory for dealing with the problem of having a bad hair day, which most pregnant women and moms fall victim of, but you don’t have to wait for a bad hair day before you rock this beautiful trend.

You have to make sure that your headgear matches your style. It becomes easy when you find the right one for your style. You can create your own style and be unique. The fun part of it is you can rock your Ankara head wrap on anything, be it party wear, office wear or any other outfit you so desire. Just be sure to pick a colour that goes well with your outfit.

Here’s a little tip on how to create a beautiful Ankara head wrap:
• Create a bun to add more volume to the head-wrap. Without the bun, the head-wrap will be smaller.
• For bigger wrappers fold them into two to get a square shape (the bigger the scarf or wrapper the bigger the head-wrap).
• Then fold it into a triangle.
• Place the scarf over your head and tie the two ends over the middle piece.
• Then twist the middle piece with one of the sidepieces and move it to the back.
• Tie two knots in the back.
•Tuck the remaining pieces in and adjust to satisfaction.
• Now rock that head-tie with confidence!

The final look of the head-wrap will depend on the texture of the wrapper and your current hairstyle. Hence the thicker the scarf, the better. For a smaller head-wrap, use a smaller scarf or go with a less voluminous hairstyle.

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