Saviour’s Church drops praise medley

SAVIOURMembers of Our Saviour’s Church, TBS, Lagos were impressed to hear their church choir put their songs in CDs — audio and visual. At the launch of the CDs in the church, members nod their heads, tap their feet, click their fingers and even sing along the exciting voices of the band, which is made up of professionals from different fields.

Why use your time for church music, the bandleader, Olayemi Oladoyin said,” it is about ministry and purpose of life. You first of all tune to God for your calling and since we have found ours in music, we use it to preach the gospel, reach out to people within and outside the church and praise God.

“We just have to attain to our calling, sing and lead people to sing to God, while we are still able and are engaged our diverse secular jobs,” he stressed.

With such touching songs, where do you draw your inspirations? “It is from God, the environment and the happenings around us. The word, including the sermons from the pastorate, spurs us to write most of our songs.

“ We aim at using our songs to comfort souls, spread the good news and uplift listeners,” he noted.With the band’s performance in the superlative, it won’t be wrong to say it is going to be one of the groups to look out for at the gospel music genre in the country and if given the necessary push may even end up dominating the west coat.

Oladoyin said, “we shall surely get there, in fact we have begun the journey years back when we started to performed in different events across the country, including at state government functions. We have virtually visited all the states, where we were invited to showcase our talents.”

As the leader, one would think Oladoyin writes all the songs, but the University of Lagos-trained accountant informed that he is just one of the songwriters.

Members of the band write the songs and also arrange them to suit professional standard. But, I directed the video production. Philip Eke, Patrick Ofili, Evelyn Mgbecheta and I went miles ahead to put things together to come out with that video work and we are pleased with the public acceptance. The five-track CD has a praise and worship medley that would uplift souls and lead listener to serve God.”

Thinking the songs took the band years to put together, Oladoyin said, “it took us almost a year. We started making arrangements for it in 2013, but the truth is we have been together as a group, precisely as the church choir, much longer than a year. Though, members of the choir have been coming and going because of job, marriage and studies, which have made them to relocate outside Lagos, we just have to work with those around to give life to our dream,” he revealed.

With such a large group, how do you cope with the maintenance of order and seeing that the group remains united?
“It is not me, it is about the leadership of the church, which runs from the from the highest to the band administrator. I am only privileged to drive the group and the fear of splitting is nowhere in sight. We have different job description and functions too that will make us to ever remain one.

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