Screen celebrities and their take on St. Valentine

Richard Mofe Damijo

St. Valentine Day, commemorated every February 14, is here again. Some screen celebrities spoke on the significance of the day reflected on their memorable valentine moments.

Emeka Ossai (Actor, Producer and Director)

For me, Valentine is the expression of love and the expression of love Valentine’s Day connotes is what I think should be an everyday practice by all.

I think the world just need reasons to celebrate. I am not averse to people choosing to celebrate, as it helps the soul. Of course, my wife knows about the day and she always expects a gift.

For this year, we will just have fun with the kids.

Ifu ENnada (Actress, Producer and Big Brother Naija Housemate)

FOR me, Valentine is a day St. Valentine should be remembered because of the sacrifice he made for love.

It is a day love should be celebrated, although we should live everyday showing and giving love.

I have never gone on a date on Valentine’s Day, because I personally don’t see the big deal in it. But for those who will go out of their way to commemorate

it, I would advice them to spend less time on frivolities and instead use the opportunity to give more love to others, especially those who cant pay back their kindness.

Charles Inojie (Actor, Scriptwriter, and Director of The Johnsons)

I HAVE always seen Valentine Day as a time to rededicate myself to the divine injunction of ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself.’

I have come to realise that unless you learn to commit yourself to sharing whatever you have with others, you may never know how much your little effort could mean to others.

The day has, therefore, become for me, a time to do a critical self- appraisal to find out how sensitive I have been to the plight of those who grace has positioned me ahead of.

Although I will be filming on that day and so I may not go out of my way to commemorate it with family, as I always did, but for those who will be hitting the streets, I would say they should not make it just about a designated day. They should try to spend everyday as if it were St. Valentine Day.

I think we should generally learn to love.

Ibinabo Fiberisima (Actress)

I AM sorry to disappoint you; I don’t believe in it anymore. It doesn’t mean anything to me really. I probably took it seriously when I was growing up, but not now anymore.

I grew up to know that it is the time when people should share love and not hate, when you exchange gifts with special people and basically show love to a loved one. But many people have abused it.

I also don’t think it should be something we should wait until every February 14 to express. We should love everyday.

I am just going to spend time with family on that day, even though Valentine is everyday for us.

Richard Mofe Damijo (Actor)

FOR me, love and loving is the essence. If mankind were motivated by love in all we do, the world would be a better place.

I usually celebrate it. I have had to cut all the holidays that fall within that period to be with my wife. I recall several occasions I had flown like 16 hours plus to be with my wife, flowers and all.

My wife had practically gone overboard too in celebrating Valentine with me.

Most memorable is opening my office and seeing it transformed into a rose garden with gifts on the floor all over. It was awesome.

Grace Ama (Actress)

WHAT Valentine means to me is to demonstrate love in all I do, love to the people, especially those who are not in any position to say thank you.

There are so many people around us who need love and care. I don’t think Valentine is a feast to be celebrated in a pop centre, bar and on lavish ceremonies of eating and drinking.

It should be celebrated by putting smiles on the faces of less privileged people, people who cannot help themselves and people who are in great needs.
That for me is the true meaning of Valentine.

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