Simple steps to slay in monochrome outfit

An easy and often stylish way to wear outfits is to stick to monochromatic pieces. We have all done it on lazy days or days we want to look different, yet stylish. You pull out a pair of black pants, a black turtle-neck, throw on your black jacket and black shoes and head out the door. While it certainly takes less energy and thought to dress in a monochromatic style, there are fashion pitfalls that require a bit of knowledge. Let’s take a look at what is monochromatic, what makes up a monochromatic outfit and how to style existing pieces of your wardrobe into stylish monochromatic outfits.

What is a Monochromatic outfit?
The word “monochromatic” breaks down into two pieces: “mono” meaning single and “chromatic” meaning colour. So a monochromatic outfit would consist of pieces of one colour. This doesn’t mean that you would only wear solid black or solid red from head to toe. No, the joy of a monochromatic outfit is wearing different shades and tints of the same colour. For instance, you might start with a pair of charcoal grey wool trousers, top it off with a dove grey blouse, and add a pair of dark grey sling backs to complete the outfit. Pop on some silver jewellery (a variation on grey), and you’re ready to take on the world. The joy of going with a monochromatic colour combination is that it will work with virtually any colour you choose, purple, red, blue, green, brown, pink, you name it. So there is no reason for you not to delve into this style, because there are bound to be certain colours that look marvelous with your skin tone, eyes and hair, which will only be enhanced where pairing multiples of the same colour together in one outfit.

Monochromatic Outfit Combinations
Texture is an important element when putting together monochromatic looks. If your monochromatic outfit were comprised of the same fabric throughout, it would likely come off looking dull. Here are some style tips to keep in mind when putting together a monochrome look.

Mix Textures
Make sure you mix textures within your outfit. You want to add visual interest, depth, and dimension to your look so it’s not one-dimensional or boring. Some combinations you can try pairing together are denim and chiffon, leather and cotton, suede and silk, wool and sequins. And don’t forget your shoes when it comes to texture.

Remember balance when combining pieces. This is a rule for every outfit, not just monochromatic ones. You don’t want the one colour to overwhelm you. Quite the contrary, you want it to make you look tall and lean. To achieve this, play with proportions. For example, if you’re wearing a billowy top, make sure to pair it with fitted bottoms. With a full A-line skirt wear a form-fitting top.

Accentuate the Good
Accentuate the right areas of your body using the right colour. When wearing the same colour in different tints and shades, you want to pay attention to how dark or light each piece is. For example, if you have very wide hips and want to deemphasize them, you wouldn’t wear light-coloured pants or skirt. More flattering would be the dark shade of the colour on the bottom half and the lighter tint on top. Like dark navy pants and a lighter blue shirt.

Play with Patterns
Monochromatic outfits don’t just have to be made up of solid pieces; you can incorporate patterns or prints. To add visual interest and to break up the solid blocks of colour, add a print piece made up of the same colour you’re working with. You can also try adding a patterned shawl or scarf for fun.

It’s important to select a colour that looks great against your skin tone and hair. For example, if your completion is very fair, opt to wear navy instead of harsh black. Women with darker skin could opt for a deeper colour like burgundy or eggplant.If you’re new to monochromatic outfits and not sure what colour to begin with, start with dark neutrals, like black, navy, grey, and brown. If you are feeling brave, you can also try darker richer colours, like burgundy and green.

Petite Advantage
Monochromatic outfits are great for petites. Dressing monochromatically can make you appear taller and slimmer because the outfit is creating one seamless line from head to toe.

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