Sisters on a mission to save ailing entertainers


Worried by the plight of ailing entertainers, broadcaster and actress Mabel Oboh and her London-based sister, Josephine Oboh-Macleod have taken upon them to secure the future of Nigerian entertainers through the SaveourStars campaign, which was launched recently.

Using the platform, the sisters already plan to organise a fund raising event to support the campaign in far away Scotland before the end of the first quarter of the year.

Josephine, who is a trained sculptor in Scotland, said she’s passionate about the campaign and will do everything to support her sister in achieving her aims of setting up the SaveourStars centre.

“I’m an artist and the idea of supporting the interest of our entertainers to me is one of the best things that has happened to the Nigerian entertainment industry; there’s nobody that will not agree with the campaign. When Mabel approached me for support, I first commended her for her great works. I have pledged to give her my support both financially and otherwise. I also intend to help her raise funds from Scotland where I’m presently residing,” she said.

She also promised to task her colleagues to donate their works for auctioning to support the campaign, which is geared towards improving the lifestyle of the country’s entertainers.

The campaign, according to Mabel, would benefit entertainers, who are suffering from critical ailments and lack the means to help themselves.

“Producers, actors, actresses, script writers, musicians make up artistes, journalists among others are part of the total package,” she added.

In the course of the campaign, she noted, the team will be approaching hospitals, corporate organisations and government agencies to solicit support. In case of ailing entertainer, who is residing outside Lagos, the team will only step in to make funds available for his or her treatment where need be.

According to her, the main aim is to save lives.

“I want to stop the idea of going to the public to beg for support each one of us took ill. We are like a family; we will help ourselves and families don’t leave each other. When we start helping each other, that’s when the outside will come to assist us. That’s what I’m trying to put together. It’s not a situation where people can take advantage of us,” she said.

She, however, called on entertainers in the country to join forces with her to make the campaign a reality.

Already, some international organisations are showing interest in being part of the campaign, including ailing Sadiq Daba, who was recently down with leukemia and prostrate cancer.

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