The Controversy About Woman (III)

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PHOTO; franchiseopportunitiesjournal

LAST week, I wrote a little about how women come into their own image and some of the factors that influence it. Today, I’d like to talk about how to embrace all the extensions of a woman’s personal image. The fact is that no man is an island – or in this case, no woman is an island. Therefore, you will be perceived in light of your home, children, husband, dress sense, etc. I do not think this is a bad thing.

After all, they represent the decisions we make, the values we have, our habits and work ethics, etc.

For example, at a party, you might see a woman all thoroughly adorned and her husband or children in shreds. It says nothing more about the woman but that the woman is spoilt, selfish and self-absorbed. This woman has only taken care of one aspect of her image to the detriment of all the others.

We must come to terms with this fact and address it – not principally to improve our personal image but to arise to responsibility and nurture all the different and unique parts to us, to the glory of God. Modern philosophy unfortunately tends to put the different aspects of a woman into compartments; We see that in phrases like “the working woman”, “the housewife”.

A woman is a woman regardless of where she decides to spend her time and cultivate her resources. There really aren’t different kinds of women in that sense. What makes us different are the decisions we make – the personal decisions we make. What this compartmentalisation does is that it establishes a pecking order where a particular group looks down on the other. This gives rise to much ill placed judgement and peer pressure. Whether a woman decides to work or to stay at home, her responsibilities are intrinsically the same; If she has a home, her home comes first in place, status, priority, etc, above her work.

When we establish the basic principles as outlined in scripture and strive to walk according to it, we would find that we have a better control over our lives and our expressions of it, and, by default, we will be much happier and fulfilled and our families successful.

The Core Of The Home
That They May Teach Young Women To Be … Keepers At Home (Domestically Inclined) …
Titus 2:4-5 KJV
The bracket insert is mine from the Strong dictionary.
For some women, this statement would make them cringe with the weight of responsibility. Let’s put things in perspective, you aren’t required to become someone else that you’re not – If you are a woman all you need to make your home flourish is intrinsically a part of your make up. You might need to embrace it, nourish and cultivate it but it isn’t such a herculean task as you might imagine; it takes discipline and priorities and even creativity but they pay off wonderfully.

I believe a home should be a haven for the family – a retreat no matter what troubles assail without, every member of the family should look forward to coming home and be made stronger for being in it. A place where needs are anticipated and met, and a place where true values are taught, practiced and nurtured; a place where the labour of love can be found and understood… The goal is not to run a home like clockwork (although it helps) but to build your home with the values of love, sacrifice, patience, hard work, laughter, fun, empathy etc. These values are not dependent on finances – thank God. And even where finance is lacking, a little creativity goes a long way.

Cultivating Your Industrious And Creative Nature
If you ever doubted that God permits a woman to work, you need not go further than Proverbs 31. It’s commonly titled The Virtuous Woman. She’s into all sorts of things, agriculture, fashion, real estate, counselling, charity – you name it! A picture of a very hardworking, industrious, wise and creative woman. As we covered in the point above, she is able to achieve so much becasue she has her priorities screwed right.

“She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness”. Proverbs 31:27 KJV
To be able to accomplish such a feat without losing yourself or your family takes hard work, wisdom, the right perspective and great grace! I have not seen such God given grace in men as I can see in women; the ability to juggle home responsibilities and professional responsibilities (which is a lot!) and still be quite good at both. (Note: I am not saying that men cannot apply themselves in the same way; And a lot can be said for widowers or male single parents who successfully apply themselves in this way.

I am saying that this grace is found most often in women) The uncanny ability to find a niche and build something beautiful and essential. With so much potential and creativity on the inside, this can only be harnessed to its full potential with God’s help and word. I urge you to study the 31st book of proverbs – it will help you strike the right balance with your priorities and interests. You can’t find it by copying other women or being pressured into something you’re not inclined to do. You can only find it by walking in the light of truth. Don’t neglect any aspect of you – your relationship with God, your home, your husband, your children, your style and grooming, your profession, etc. Your fulfilment is based on a holistic assessment not in compartments.
More next week.

Image and Etiquette: As a young lady, I suffered much from inferiority and timidity. I had an unhealthy distrust of myself and God-given beauty. By God’s grace, I found answers in the Bible (especially the Songs of Solomon) which transformed me. His Word transformed me from a bitter, angry teenager to a cheerful, content, peace-filled and purposeful woman; Jesus changed me from the inside out. I have a passion for etiquette and image and I know that our outward image and our attitudes are influenced by our heart; therefore, image and etiquette is spirit, soul and body – just as it was in the beginning! Having been given the knowledge, experimental application and experience through His grace alone, this is what I teach. Unconventional…yes, but it remains the truth to the degree that I have understood it. For this, I make no apologies. Website: Email: Phone Number: 08116706879 (text messages only).

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