The heart of a bitch

What would make a young beautiful girl tell blatant lies to her parents? What manner of girl could take deadly risks that portend nothing but doom and calamity? Such was the life of Derby, who was in her late teens.

Derby had everything going for her the way she wanted. At a very young age, she had already gained admission into a reputable tertiary institution to study Microbiology.

Talking about beauty…oh la la, Derby was extremely beautiful. She was so charming, enchanting and lovely to behold. She had everything in the right proportion; light in complexion, a six-footer, with sparkling white set of teeth and eyes that shone like stars. Heaven must be missing an angel in the person of Derby.

The only snag in Derby’s life was her warped lifestyle and debauchery. That was her greatest weak points. Her parents were successful, money-wise. But even at times, children of rich parents get wayward and do terrible things. So, money is not the determinant factor in the character and lives of children.

That day would remain memorable in the lives of Derby’s parents. She came home from ‘school,’ as usual, and demanded for some amounts, which they willingly gave her. Unknown to her parents, she was practising as a commercial sex hawker in a brothel.

Most times, she would come home claiming she needed money for feeding and academic expenses and her parents would give her even more than enough, not knowing that their daughter was an advanced prostitute.

Derby lived on the campus, but spent 90 per cent of her time patronising brothels and lying to her parents that she was in school.

Pronto, Derby was back in a brothel called ‘Paradise World’ and she was absolutely enjoying herself with a customer, drinking alcoholic beverages, smooching and chatting in a lively manner. Her customer that night was a man in his early 50s, who was really ‘loaded’ with cash. It was a night of bliss, or so it seemed.

The man was sipping champagne and munching fried chicken and chips, as music blared from a big loudspeaker close by. After much carousing and an ‘agreement’ had been reached, they stood up and the robust man paid the bills and headed for his silver-coloured Infinity Jeep parked outside the premises. He was holding Derby by the waist. They giggled and laughed heartily, pecking and hugging joyfully.

In a twinkling of an eye, they were both inside the cosy jeep and it zoomed off immediately. Romantic music was playing noisily from the high-tech sound system of the sophisticated car. They were both suffused with bacchanal joy. Just then, as the man was approaching a bend, he was unaware that a trailer had broken down on the narrow road.

Unfortunately, the speeding jeep crashed into the rear of the trailer. The man lost his life, and Derby too. They died on the spot.

Within the next 30 minutes after the accident, the news came to Derby’s parents. They rushed to the scene. The sordid and rueful story was told to her parents.

With tears in his eyes, Derby’s father lamented: “I never knew my daughter is into such mess. And we always advised her…”

Her mother was lost for words, but shook her head sorrowfully, with tears dripping from her eyes.

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The Heart Of A Bitch
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