The kitchen – Your safest place to hide this perilous times

Everyone now know that pending when the perilous times of the China imported pandemic virus is curtailed, the safest place to hide, is the home. However, where and what in your home would keep you and the family safe indeed, while the universe wait out the fast spreading Coronavirus might be the bone of contention, as some would wonder from all available lifelines in the home.

To break down these survival facts in the simplest forms, two questions and answers arises: Where is the safest place in your home? The kitchen.

What then would keep you safe in the kitchen? The food made in the kitchen.
Having established the fact that the kitchen is the surest place for continued existence, survival, alongside refreshment, and at such shouldn’t be taken for granted under any circumstance. This is why it is of utmost importance at this time, for the kitchen to be treated as though it is a sacred place where no form of disorderliness and bacteria caused by dirt and low sense of hygiene dwells.

You would agree that the kitchen is going to be busy with heavy traffic all through the ‘Stay Home’ directives courtesy of the COVID-19 lockdown, because the body system will exchange boredom for hunger and food for survival.


What Does Your Kitchen Represent To The Home At This Time?
A kitchen, big or small represents survival, sustenance and breath of life. It symbolises good understanding and relationships at home because the food made from that major section of the home, help to nurture the body, mind and soul, and without this, we would not survive. As a result, the kitchen where we prepare the food that we eat is therefore the heart of the home, while the appliances used in the kitchen aid the process of food making. The kitchen will not exist without the appliances, while the appliances will not function without the kitchen, hence, the need to ensure that you have everything you need to sustain a functioning kitchen on daily basis, but more importantly, maintain an optimum level of hygiene as anything less is a risk you wouldn’t want to take.

Importance Of The Kitchen To The Survival Of The COVID-19 ‘Stay Home’ Directives

•Cooking, eating and living
The importance of food to human existence cannot be underestimated. It is a vital part of our life and our daily routine consists of three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the occasional snacking. So, the most part of our free time during the COVID-19 ‘Stay home’ directives by the federal government will be spent in the kitchen, preparing, cooking and serving meals.


• Bonding – Better family relationship
At this point you’re ‘stuck’ at home with your spouse whom you usually complain is always out at work the best part of the day, now you’re together at home with enough bonding time to cook your favourite meals together in the kitchen. It is also time for you to teach the kids how to help themselves in the kitchen when the pandemic virus phase is over and you’re back to work, away from home.

• Assurance of hygiene level
Well, as opposed to when you worry about how the food you buy outside is made, the level of hygiene, etc, you can now make your meal with all thoroughness in check, quality control and safety assurance.

• Happiness
Did you know that there is a certain kind of happiness that homemade food brings? It is homemade food and it definitely taste better and unique. The satisfaction derived from loved ones cooking your meal gives every member of the family a feeling of happiness.

Maintaining Cleanliness And Orderliness In Your Kitchen
For COVID-19 era, there is no such thing as ‘neat to a fault’; you just have to cultivate an extreme level of cleanliness and thoroughness. You cannot take hygiene for granted at any level no matter how insignificant the act may seem. At this point, you have to keep washing the utensils, keep wiping the surfaces and return all used and washed utensils back to their position.

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