Where Are The Dog Trainers?

doggy-Copy“TRAIN up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it,” says King Solomon in Proverbs 22:6.

Quite honestly, I cannot agree less with the wise king, the son of David, who was highly endowed with immortal thoughtful words that have direct relevance to our living.

And like he said, it is also wise to train up your pets in the way you want them to go; so, they will not put you or any member of your family in trouble as they grow.

It is generally imputed that an untrained dog is a ready trigger waiting to be pulled, and in fact, a lot of them have been fired several times with deleterious consequences.

Here, I have to mind the often-repeated statement of a friend: “There are no bad dogs, but bad owners.”

If you left your dog untrained, just what do you expect in return?
Search your mind and answer that question.

I am not saying you should go and engage the services of trainers who would clean out your bank account and you have nothing to show for it.

Mostly, the trainers parading themselves now are nothing but charlatans, who know nothing about the intricate vocation of dog training.

There is even a joke that these so-called trainers take your dog away from your house for a considerable length of time for their so-called training sessions, only to return a total stranger to you.

Your dog, most of the time when returned, has a different personality. He is either a complete nervous wreck or a vicious scoundrel that hates the sight of men, except the trainer, who has eaten him to submission.

The methodology is even faulty.

How can anyone claim to train a dog for a family without the family participating in the training activities? Is this not absurd?

And to think that educated people often fall for this nonsense makes it all inexplicable to me.

Let me tell you the truth: Nigeria lacks professional dog trainers. There is no pretence about it. Even the dog section of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) cannot boast of trainers of the type that are required for optimum services delivery. Yes! I stand to be corrected.

Just like we lack a lot of support services in the pet industry, like the services of groomers and nurses, there is also a gaping need for professional trainers who can equate adequately to the challenges the industry is facing now.

Do you know it is laughable to discover that a lot of our people parade the streets crying of no jobs when they actually can be trained to be gainfully employed in the pet industry, especially these quacks, who are currently competing with veterinary doctors, killing and maiming people’s pets?

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