Will fortune ever smile? – Part 2


Continued from last week Saturday.

It was a welcome relief for his wife, despite the fact that she had three children for him. It was good riddance to bad rubbish.

Daniel would never forget that day in a hurry. It seemed the whole world and Mother Nature was angry with him alone. He was so drenched in the rain and trekked for almost two hours to unknown destination.

He later branched under the bridge to rest awhile. He sat under the bridge and started ruminating and pondering over his life. He wondered why life was so cruel with him. ‘Is God really in heaven?’ he questioned thoughtfully, ‘And does He answer prayers?’

Then he remembered Ayomide, his old time friend living at Isolo area. He was the only childhood friend he had that knew the problem he was going through for the past three years. He made up his mind to visit him to ask if he could allow him to squat with him for a while.

It was a long trek to Ayomide’s house. The rain had stopped finally, but Daniel was soaked to his underpants. When he got to Ayomide’s house, rainwater was still dripping from his body and he was feeling cold.

Ayomide was surprised to see his friend in this situation. Within a few minutes, Daniel narrated what actually took place and how his wife became angry and threw him out of the house.

Out of sympathy, Ayomide allowed him to squat with him till he could get himself a job. Ayomide lived in a two-bedroom flat and he allowed Daniel to stay with his two kids in the children room. Daniel agreed with gratitude and thanked him profusely.

Daniel started eking out a living as a newspaper vendor. He would wake up early in the morning around 5am to hawk newspapers. He did this for one whole year.

It wasn’t an easy task, but all the same, he could save little money at the end of the year. Inside the inclement weather, come rain and shine, Daniel would hawk his papers all about.

There were days he would sleep on empty stomach and in tears. All the same, he endured, persevered and trudged on and on, day and night. He did this job for the second year and he could save a substantial amount, which he used to buy a tricycle, otherwise called ‘Keke Maruwa.’

It was amazing that in the third year, Daniel had about three tricycles and even gave two out on hire purchase to other hardworking young men.

Within a period of five years, he had become rich and even had landed properties. He was now the chairman and chief executive officer of a successful transport company named Dans and Company Land Travels.

He had now become a satisfied and accomplished man that had hundreds of people working for him. He lived in a palatial mansion tucked away in the rich neighbourhood of Ajao Estate, Lagos.

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