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Curtain Rods 3 CopyCurtain Rods 1 CopyLITTLE details make a difference in the designing and décor of a room. Merely putting up a good fabric to dress up your window is not enough. Rather add a style statement to your interior designing and decor by dressing up the curtains with strong, well-designed curtain rods. A popular choice these days is steel curtain rods.

To get the best out of curtain rods, they should be chosen bearing in mind certain design points and considerations.
Size and window styling:

It might sound simple and easy to dress up a window but there are a few technical points that should be taken care of. Choose the window rod size according to your window size and window styling.

Curtain Rods 4 Copy
Curtain Rods 2 CopyGeneral designing and room décor:

Let the curtain rods mix well with the overall decors of the space. This will give a good picture that blends with the style of the room, whether it is contemporary or classic.

Extra length can help highlight decorative iron curtain rods. Making them several inches wider than the window is a way to show off the rods. They should be wide enough that the curtains can be pulled back from the window and still show off the iron finials on the rod.

In terms of height, placing the iron rod several inches above the top of the window not only makes the window look larger, but also highlights the decorative rod. The rod can be placed anywhere from a few inches above the window to a foot or more depending on the ceiling height. Enough space between the rod and the ceiling should be allowed for the curtain to move without brushing the ceiling.
Fabric weight:

The curtain rod should be strong enough to hold up your curtain fabric material weight for years. Styling is just not the criteria to be taken care of. It should also be durable to give a lasting look.

Personal choices:
In searching the market for the type of rod that you desire, your budget should be factored into what you can get to give a brilliant look to your window.

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