Cancel concession of stadia, other facilities, Yakmut implores Buhari

The Director-General of the National Sports Commission (NSC), Yakmut

The Director-General of the National Sports Commission (NSC),<br />Yakmut

Director General of the National Sports Commission (NSC), Alhassan Yakmut, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to cancel the stadia and other facilities’ concession agreement reached by the past administration and some organisations, saying the pact worked against athletes.

Speaking in Lagos at the weekend, Yakmut said the NSC was planning to renovate the National Stadium, Lagos, adding that it has become difficult for athletes and technical officials to use concessioned facilities. “Because the stadium facility has undergone misuse, decadence and abuse, the ambiance that used to be there ‎in the 1970s and 1980s are no longer there. 

“It has become the primary responsibility of the incumbent leadership to ensure the stadium is returned to its rightful use.
“As I speak with you, a five-man committee has been in Lagos since Wednesday taking inventory of all the things that would be required.

“The fact that there was a plan to concession the facilities by the past regime in motion does not mean they should be allowed to rot. I do not think it will be morally right to do so and as responsible sports administrators, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure these facilities are returned to the rightful use to the glory of the young generation Nigeria is grooming in sports.”

He added that the NSC is “applying the principle of Public Private Partnership to raise the funds, so that when the facility is upgraded, it will then be decentralised for technical and commercial purposes. But not the idea of concessioning means that we will have to apply to the right holders even to use it for sports. When you go to the church or mosque, do you apply? So, why should we then apply to use the stadium. This is the temple of sports.”

Yakmut also revealed that only coaches with the right character and qualification will lead athletes to the 2015 All African Games.

He also disclosed that Nigeria would only participate in sports capable of winning medals and bringing glory to the the nation, adding that the 2015 All African Games would not be not a jamboree.

The NSC boss, who said the committee has not decided on the actual number of sports to take to Congo, said only performance would guarantee attendance at the games.

“You have to meet some technical targets. Besides, we do not have to participate in all the sports since we know that we do not have comparative and ‎competitive advantage on all of them.

“The All Africa Games is not a jamboree. As we continue with the preparations, we shall continue to weed off sports that would not bring glory to the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” he said.

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  • Bello Barriga

    “As we continue with preparations, we shall continue to weed off sports that will not bring glory to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.” – That in effect is call LEADERSHIP.