Division in NANF brought suffering to ex-players, says Kubeinje

Clement Temile

Clement Temile

• Temile praises LMC leadership

Acting President of the National Association of Nigerian Footballers (NANF), Larry Kubeinje has said that division in the union had created more suffering for retired players all through the years.

“As you are aware, there has been series of crisis in the Nigerian players union, which led to our withdrawal from the international players’ body FIPRO, in order to put our house in order,” Kubeinje said yesterday in Lagos during a press conference on state of affairs in the union.

Speaking further, he said: “The situation degenerated to the fictionalization of the union, which led to the erstwhile secretary general, Austin Popo to form a splinter group with the name Apfon, though latest information has it that APFON has undertaken another change of name.

“We are also aware, that due to the division, unnecessary crises and ego problems, Nigerian footballers, especially the retired ones have had to suffer all through the years, when they should be enjoying the fruits of their labours.

“We also wish to commend the efforts of other ex-footballers who have worked under the auspices of the ‘Concerned Group’ to bring about the peace we now have and enjoy. With the collaboration and understanding of all members, we all agreed to work under NANF, with the erstwhile President Harrison Jalla on an interim basis, to reorganize the group and hold elections with the shortest possible time, Kubeinje stated.

According to him, few months into this arrangement, Harrison Jalla ceded the position to his erstwhile vice president, Mr. Larry Kubeinje. “It is to the glory of God that Kubeinje has held fort up until this moment, and we are proud to announce that several successes have been achieved.

“The successes include a further reorgnisation of the body and very soon we shall announce a date for our elections, which shall usher in a new executive to run the affairs of the players union. We are also proud to announce that we have recovered some funds meant for the players. The said amount will be put on the table for the benefit of the organization and members,” he stated.

Kubeinje hinted that NANF founding president, Jalla had moved onto higher responsibility in the International Association of African Footballers Union (IAAFOOT), adding that NANF would give the new continental body full support to ensure it stands and get a sound footing.

Meanwhile, the President of the Nigerian Players Union, Clement Temile has praised the Shehu Diko-led League Management Company (LMC) for the ‘turn around’ it has brought to the nation’s football.

“Shehu Diko has in this very short period proved that bringing our football league to be most preffered in the in the football industry is achievable through honesty, transparency and selfless services,” Temile said.

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