Prince Ali says “Platini is not good for FIFA”

FIFA vice president Prince Ali bin al HusseinPrince Ali Bin Al Hussein said on Wednesday that he thought Michel Platini, who confirmed he will run for FIFA president next year, is “not good for football and football’s fans and players deserve better”.

The Jordanian prince, who was beaten to the post at the head of world football’s governing body by long-standing chief Sepp Blatter in May, turned on the Frenchman and said Platini, who is seen as a strong candidate, is not the man to run the sport’s global affairs.

“Platini is not good for FIFA. Football’s fans and players deserve better,” he said in a statement.

“FIFA is engulfed in scandal. We must stop doing business as usual. The practice of back-room, under-the-table deals must end.

“I believe that the voices of the individual Football Federations must be heard. In the coming week, I will be consulting with them about what is in the best interests of football.

“What is clear is that FIFA needs new, independent leadership, untainted by the practices of the past”. added Prince Ali.

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  • Ojiyovwi

    You can say what you like, but all the massively influential |European press will now get into overdrive in promoting their own – and this is not correption? I suggest you all scurry around and find yourself a dictionary and look at corruption and you’ll probably find that using unfair means to gain advantage over the competition is corruption. That unfair influence don’t always have to be moneys or coersion. If, in order to get one over the competition, you wheel out all your famous personalities which the competition hasn’t, then you are equally rotten with corrution. Blatter and his group are being crucified in the alter of hypocricy by the most corrupt people in all of world of sport. These have special dietary supplements fro all their athletes that are beyond Africans. They create special event in the olimpics like shooting, sailing and equestrian all of which are not open to poor nations. Thankfully, most elite athletes who find access to these food suplements are also of African descent, but even here, all the anti-doping bodies and leaders are Europeans – they alone are the capable scientists and leaders. To promote Platini, these Europeans have threatened form a brakaway competition in the hope they can force aquiescence to their demand for the demise of FIFA. We all saw a spectacle of a bufoon from England humiliating Sep Baltter on prime time television. My problem was that this crrep was allowed to come away with wings unbroken. You do that to an Englishman and he will have the legal right defend himself against a physical threat to his person. Unfortunate Sep is old and cannot really give this idiot a deserved clip and send him away in disgrace, just Mugabe did to Peter Thachel when the homsexual got close enough. Finally, Platini is not doing his reputation and standing any favours if falls for this trick by bunch of hypocretes.