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Devious Maids

Some cast from devious maids

This July, viewers of series programmes are in for a treat as DSTV has brought a line-up of exciting series. Showing on M-Net, State of Affairs, starring Alfre Woodard as U.S. President Constance Payton implement strategic plans to counteract deadly threats against the U.S. while dealing with personal issues within and outside the walls of the White House. It premiered on Monday, July 13 at 20:30 GMT (8pm).

Ray Donovan, an addictive Golden Globe winning drama is about LA’s number one fixer for the elite: Ray Donovan. Express Broadcast starts on Tuesday, July 14 at 2:00 GMT (2pm). Madmen have Don Draper and team return for a final season of this Golden Globe and Emmy award winning drama. Don receives tragic news as he tries to track down a friend.

Premiered on Wednesday, July 15 at 19:00 GMT (7pm) Extant 02 is an intriguing sci-fi drama starring Emmy winner Halle Berry as an astronaut who is mysteriously impregnated while alone in space. Season 2 premieres on Monday, July 27 at 18:00 GMT (6pm).

Devious Maids 3 offers lives that are changed forever following the shooting at Rosie and Spence’s wedding. A familiar couple returns to Beverly Hills with their new, mysterious daughter. Follow the plot from July 13 at 19:00 GMT (7pm). In Safe House, there is a house hidden away in a beautiful and remote part of the Lake District in North West England. It’s a guesthouse.

But it’s not… that’s just the cover story! Find out more every Wednesday this July at 20:00 GMT (8pm). Hiding follows the experiences of a family forced to enter into Witness Protection after being witness to a botched drug deal. Follow their stories as they struggle to adapt to their new situation while the threat of discovery looms ever closer.

On Wednesdays at 20:55 GMT (8:55pm) Bosch 1: When you first meet Detective Harry Bosch, he’s just been cleared of wrongfully shooting a suspect, but the victim’s family files a civil suit. With that cloud hanging over him, he tries to solve a case in which every step raises more unsettling questions.

On Wednesdays at 19:50 GMT (7:50pm). Do-Good S1: Comic great and renowned Nollywood’s Basorge Tariah Jnr. stars in this Pidgin English sitcom. It centers on the exploits of the character Do-Good, played by Tariah, who returns from a break abroad to woo his sweetheart Emem, played by Kate Henshaw. Catch it from Monday, July 6 at 20:30 GMT (8:30pm).

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