21 Strategies To Overcome Marital Delay

Solomon Ojigiri

TODAY is our ninth edition on this subject and we are looking at something that is critically important for everyone who truly desire to overcome marital delay or any form of delay in their lives. Nothing is automatic in life. We need the power of preparation to become all that God has in mind for us. What we are not prepared for we are not ready to possess. Like the Boy Scout’s motto we must be prepared if we seriously desire to overcome delay.

Be Prepared
Often we pray for what we are not prepared for. Preparation precedes manifestation. What you are not prepared for you, are not ready to receive. Most of the time we actually need time for preparation than we need prayers, Prayers can be an aspect of preparation, but often we major only on prayers and neglect some other vital things to do. It is your level of preparation that determines how fast the manifestation will be.

Success in life is a function of opportunity meeting preparation; opportunity becomes useless and makes no impact when there is no preparation. That is why Smith Wiggleswoth said if you will begin to prepare yourself on the subject of faith when you need it, then it is already too late. I love the Boy’s Scout motto: “Be Prepared.” What you are not prepared for will normally elude you. Abraham Lincoln, a one-time president of the United States said; “I shall study and prepare myself and someday my chance will come.” It is important to note here that studying is a vital aspect of preparation. Abraham Lincoln also said if he has seven hours to cut down a tree, he will sharpen his cutlass for six hours. That statement underscores the all-important need for preparation before you can achieve your result in life. Most of the times we are in haste, so we think the time spent on preparation is a wasted time. It is not a wasted time, but a time invested because that will prevent you from shame and reproach. Investing time in preparations saves us time during the executions of our plans. I heard of a lady who got married but could not cook not even rice. This is too bad even for a man; the husband in annoyance drove her back to her parents. We must prepare ourselves emotionally, socially, financially and in everyway. Before you begin to ask God for a life partner, I need to ask you how prepared are you?

The first area of preparation should be in the area of prayer and planning because failure to plan is planning to fail. Prayerful preparation prevents poor performance. The more effectively you pray the better the result you get. You must be prayerful. The reason for the failure or delay in the lives of many is traceable to prayerlessness. It is expedient to secure your future with prayers. I started praying earnestly about my marriage, my career and everything, immediately I gave my life to Christ in 1986.

Many Christians have no time for prayers, fasting and study of God’s word. Many are so lazy and too weak to even embark on any form of spiritual exercise. One of the elders that brought me up Overseer E.A. Bode do tell us to pray so that we will not have to pray and to fast so that we will not have to fast. As you lay your bed so you will lie on it. You create the kind of destiny you desire in your prayer closet. A wise man said that God does not do anything except in answers to prayers. It is a terrible approach to always wait till you have problem before you pray.

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