A living hope – Part 10

In this last part of our three-part series, we shall continue to examine the impact of the Old Testament on our hope as believers.

Twelve, the triumph of the three Hebrew children, Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego in the furnace of fire is a testimony of hope and courage and an inspiration to us in this dispensation.

The appearance of the fourth man in the fire is a confirmation of the pre-existence of Christ. 

Thirteen, some of the lessons of the Old Testament is that there is power in vibrant praise, which can make physical and spiritual walls collapse.

Beginning with Joshua and later King Jehoshaphat, they both taught us to know that praise is a weapon of warfare that brings victory in war situations. 

Fourteen, the testimonies and promises of the Old Testament stimulate our faith to hold on tenaciously to the promises of God’s Word. William Carey said, “The future is as bright as the promises of God.”

Fifteen, the Old Testament teaches us that God is faithful and is a covenant-keeping God. He kept His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He kept His covenant with Israel.

He was faithful in keeping His promises to the Old Testament saints. As a New Covenant believer, this gives me hope to trust Him and believe in Him.

Sixteen, the Old Testament narrative gives one example after another of God’s deliverance, protection, provision and healing of His people. – like the children of Israel from Egypt, and from the hands of their enemies – though each account differs and involves a variety of people, one thing that stands out from the narrative is this: God is awesome. This gives us hope to belong to Him.

Seventeen, God’s call on Jonah, his attempted escape and his eventual arrest by a whale is a lesson on how not to disregard the call of God. His message to Nineveh and the attendant national repentance points to the power of the word of God to bring a nation to repentance.

Eighteen, The victory of DANIEL over his conspirators and his deliverance from the lion’s den is a testimony of God’s deliverance for those who serve Him. 

Nineteen, David’s rise from a shepherd boy to King of Israel is a testimony of God’s grace.

His triumph over Goliath is a lesson of the power of faith in the Almighty God. His survival of the numerous intrigues by king Saul and from the hands of the Philistines show that God would stop at nothing to deliver His elect.

Twenty, Elijah’s life and ministry teach us that God can honour the prayers of any of His servants commissioned by Him.

His fearless encounter with the prophets of Baal is an encouragement that when we take a stand against idolatry in the name of God, He will honour us. 

Twenty-one, Samuel teaches us the importance of integrity for every servant of God and how not to neglect our families while answering the call of God.

Twenty-two, the Old Testament is a tutorial of the amazing prayers of men like Moses, Abraham, David, Daniel, Jehoshaphat, Elijah and others too numerous to mention, whose prayers shaped nations, transformed communities and led to the defeat of God’s enemies.

Twenty-three, the Old Testament teaches us that God would not compromise on His holiness and those who approach Him must do so with reverence and awe.

Twenty-four, the Old Testament teaches us about the character and attributes of God.

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