Lagos hosts ManifestingHim summit

Founder, Tunde Adebola (left), Taiwo Ojuri (middle), visitors and Peju Nkemneme at the event

The second Edition of the ManifestingHim Summit programme held last week in Lagos. The event was aimed at helping Christians with potentials, but who are dormant to fulfil God’s will.

Speaking at the event, the founder, Baba Tunde Adebola, shared his experience on how God saved him and what brought about ManifestingHim.

According to him, the name ManifestingHim was derived from a Bible chapter, Romans 8vs19.

He said: “It was formerly Helpers of Destiny, but when I checked the website, I discovered it was so popular and I changed it. So, ManifestingHim came to me through God Himself. I gave my life to Christ on June 15, 1995, exactly 21 years now, while I was in the university, where I studied Electrical Engineering and I became very active and vibrant in serving God in my local church. I came to Lagos in 1998 and joined the Redeemed Christian Church of God, where I served for a couple of years.

I was a worker in the church, and shortly after I got married, I moved to the Day Star Christian Centre, where my family and I worshipped till early this year. However, something happened to me, last year.

“I have been a Christian for a number of years. So, in my mind, I was experienced, mature and knowledgeable. I was even a worker in my church. But along the line, I had challenges and fell into a period of destruction. So, between April and August last year, I was still going to church and working, but I was not in this world; I was not serious with God, but mercifully, He brought me out of that experience.

“It happened that I was watching a programme by the Redeemed Christian Church of God during their holy ghost conference, and through the ministration of Pastor Joe Olaiya, God restored me. The Bible says all things work together for good to them that love God. In that experience, it was as though I was a Christian but I was asleep, and God allowed the devil to shift me and eventually woke me up. I have not remained the same person since that experience, as I have become very active. After that experience, I discovered who I was and by God’s grace, I have been serving Him wholeheartedly.

“I have always thought that being a Christian was to be a pastor. There was a pastor in my church that moved away to start his church, and it was like, the best place to serve God was in a new church, so I followed him. But I got there and it was as though there was nothing. That day I returned home frustrated. So, God made me realise that He has not called me to be a pastor; that I am to be in the market place, where He is not known. And that was the assignment God has given to me, and it is called the ManifestingHim. We have been doing a lot of work, which was why this programme was organised for us to praise God and make people feel His presence.”

He advised Christians to discover who they are in the Lord and serve Him faithfully.

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