Obembe urges Christians to pay tithe

• ‘Tithing Goes Beyond The Surface And Comes With So Much Blessings As Can Be Seen In The Bible’
The Archbishop of El-Shaddai Bible Churches, Worldwide, Cardinal Olarenwaju Obembe, has advised Christians to pay their tithes, saying it would not only bless them, but also their children, up to the fourth generation, who would continue to reap from the blessings. He said this at the Christmas Carol service tagged: “Much More Than Music,” held two Saturdays ago at the church’s Omole branch.

According to the former PFN chairman of Lagos State, when the individual has an understanding with God, he knows that tithing goes beyond the surface and comes with so much blessings as can be seen in the Bible.

“Tithing did not originate under the law. It originated from devotion by Abraham, when he had an unusual encounter with Melchizedec, king of Salem. When Abraham had the conquest against the Sodom kings and their conglomerates, Melchizedec met him. He brought bread and wine, and blessed him. Abraham, out of personal devotion gave tithe without any demands. From that moment his status changed, and his tithe was credited up to his fourth generation. After he paid tithe, he had the blessing of procession, revelation and dominion,” he said.

The Christmas carol service featured renditions from drama presentation that depicted the birth of Jesus Christ in Yoruba, to classical orchestra rendition of carol songs, from both church members and other guests.

Speaking on the reason behind the carol service, Cardinal Obembe said: “The idea behind the carol service is to reach out to people and let them know the essence of the season. Most times, people are engaged in a lot of festivities, without the season’s real importance. Jesus is the reason for the season and you can see that He is the One we are celebrating and projecting, because without Him we do not have life.”

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