Our mission – Part 1

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye

Memory Verse: “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15.

Bible Passage: Genesis 3:1-15

This is, in a sense, a continuation of last week’s Sunday school lesson titled “Souls”. Our mission and commission are to be missionaries, wherever we find ourselves. We should bring a hurting world to the saving knowledge and grace of salvation through Christ Jesus. This is our core assignment on earth, the only reason we are still here. No race or place is exempted.

The Beginning
God is the first Missionary. God the Son came and died so man can live. He became poor so that man can prosper. He took all our ailments on Himself, and by the stripes we were healed, 1Peter 2:24, Genesis 9:1-17. God came to put the broken covenant back together again.

Jesus, God the Son, was sent into the world by God the Father (Jn.3: 17; Jn.5: 36-37; Jn.6: 57; Gal.4: 5.) to save the world. He lived and died for this assignment, Jn.4: 34, Jn.17: 8 – to save mankind as a whole –Jews and non-Jews, Mt.10: 5-6; Mt.15: 21-28; Heb. 2:14-18; Heb.4: 15; Phil.2: 5-8, Mt.24: 14. He gave the great commission to man after His resurrection, Mt.28: 18-20; Mk.16: 15; Jn.20: 21-22; Lk.24: 46-49 Acts 26:13-18.

The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit came at Pentecost after God the Son returned to heaven, Acts 2:1-4. He was invited by Jesus to continue the mission by helping and empowering us, Jn.16: 7; Jn.14: 26; Jn.16: 13-15. His ministry to unbelievers is to convict them of sin and regenerate souls that are spiritually dead, Jn.16: 8-11; Acts 8:29. Peter was sent by the Holy Spirit to the Gentiles, Acts 10:19-20. The Holy Spirit sent out missionaries in Acts 13:2-4 and prevented them from going to Asia Minor or Bithynia, Acts 16:6-7 – directing them to Troas, where they got the Macedonian call to a whole new continent, Acts 16:8-9. The Holy Spirit directed and instructed all the way, Acts 19:21; Acts 20:22-23; Acts 21:11-14.

It is crystal clear that the Godhead; God the Father, Jesus Christ, God the Son, and God The Holy Spirit is committed to missions and played significant roles in the great commission. The baton has been handed over to us. We are not alone. All the resources we need have been freely made available. We must be mission-conscious and sensitive to that gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit to open our mouths and proclaim the way of salvation. There is still a lot of uncovered ground and the Lord is still asking, who will go for us? You will go in the mighty name of Jesus.

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