Those who want God dead



Do you know that there are many in today’s world that yearns for God’s demise? Are you astounded? But that is the truth. There are very many people across the world that sees God as an impediment to their lifestyle and overall ‘happiness’. They feel that God is too domineering, too authoritative and too overbearing for their individual persons. They feel that God’s laws and commandments are too stringent for them to cope with; hence they spend every day of their lives plotting ways to bring God down. But is that possible?

Who are these people that want God dead? They fall into many categories, but have one thing in common; they are defiant by nature. They see nothing good in the wondrous work of God. Even when they admire nature and creations in general, which, by the way, are the Almighty’s handiwork, they fail to give credit to the Creator.

Rather, they choose to attribute them as having emerged by mere co-incidence. Deep down within them, however, there are many questions they want answers to; questions whose answers have already been provided in the scriptures and through the Mother Church. But they refuse to accept the provisions of the scriptures because the instructions therein appear too tough for them to comply with. They prefer an easy way out. Enter the devil.

The series of catastrophes plaguing humanity today are as a result of the handiwork of those wanting God dead by all means, so that they would have all the freedom to do as they please. They want readymade answers to every of their problems and seek any means of fulfilling their whims and caprices, not minding whose ox is gored. Why do you think the likes of ISIS and Boko Haram appear to be waxing stronger by the day? Who do you think is energising them to go all out and wreak havoc on humanity? They are the devil’s agents. Though they claim to be fighting religious courses, we all know their ways are far from that of the Almighty, Who is ever loving and merciful. Make no mistake about it; we are facing major crises across the world.

There are people that want God dead so they can control the entire world system, including the economic and political powers. The Bible made this clear in several chapters and verses. It expressly made it clear that the head of these cliques is Lucifer himself, who wants to take God’s place. From the beginning of time he had been an adversary of God, and was booted out of heaven. He and his cohorts came down to earth to manipulate humanity and pitch them against the Almighty. But through Christ’s death and resurrection, the entire world was liberated from the snares of the evil one. And so, for those that believe and accept Jesus, salvation is theirs.

Here is a word of caution for us. You and I must be careful not to join the inglorious army of those wanting God dead through our actions and inactions. Any time we take or accept bribe, anytime we go contrary to God’s Will, we help to populate the army of Satan, thereby fuelling the power of those who want God dead. But this is the good news. God is almighty. He has no beginning and no end. He cannot be killed because He is the source of all things. Those fuelling His death are merely wasting their time and endangering their souls.
Very Rev. Msgr. Osu, Director, Social Communications, Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos.

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