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Some students want to be engaged in one economic enterprise or the other on part time, but do not know how to go about it. These students would complain of lack of ideas on what to do, yet, they have one passion or the other they could develop to start whatever they want, but are shy of beginning. While some of them believe one’s background, family wealth, would determine the nature of business one could do on campus, others believe connection is key to knowing the type of enterprise to go into.

No matter how one views it, passion is the most important ingredient in anything one wants in life; be it on campus or outside of it.

While one’s family background could provide the resources, capital, necessary to start, one’s connections or popularity could serve as the ready market –– pool of clients –– to leverage on.

However, the truth is if one has both and the passion is not there, the dream will be as good as dead. Passion is the principal thing. Living it spurs one to act; do extraordinary things and go the extra mile to achieving success.

To lead that life you have always desired, hinge on your passion and beginning to climb. Starting small from your roommates and friends to the others who, though unknown might be in need of your services.

Although, you might be laughed at, ridiculed and even abused, if you can overlook all that and cling on to that which you believe in, you are surely going to smile. Do not allow people that are not seeing what you are seeing to talk down on your passion. Talk it, live it, walk it until it comes to manifestation.

Some students have wonderful voices and love singing; they can mime any music or song even when they hear it for the very first time, yet they would not go beyond the four walls of their hostels. Some can draw, design and turnaround old clothes to new, but they would not live this passion; they allow it to die without using it to improve themselves. There is yet another group, who love talking and could make listeners laugh to the point of shedding tears, but because they do not live their passion, they go to other fields struggling to survive. You may be facing some constraints such as parent’s approval and others, do not allow that to limit you. Obey your parents, but convince them of the need to lead a path that would make you happy.

Irrespective of one’s course of study, thinking outside the box would put one ahead, above mates in job creation, especially now that the economy is sick and some companies are downsizing, while some are closing shop.

Tertiary school education equips one to improve, think better and contribute to the betterment of the society; so, use it to improve on your passion.

Living one’s passion would not only give one the opportunity of fending for oneself while in school, but to kick-start a business venture that could see one through life.

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