Opportunities for wealth creation

Savings. PHOTO:

Savings. PHOTO:

Someone once said wealth is a product of man’s capacity to think. It is the utilisation of the mind that guarantees success in life. The way one reasons could lead one to success. The way one thinks of money determines how one gets it.
The differences between the poor and the rich are not in their bank accounts, but in their thoughts lives. This implies that one’s reasoning could lead one to financial freedom. The brain is the principal material needed to make money.

How Could Opportunities Be Maximised?

• Have The Sense Of Productivity
The sense of productivity is one of the vital senses that distinguishes the rich from the poor. It is the productive use of your brain that cumulates into financial success, this implies that opportunities can never be maximised without the use of the brain. Many of us are daily faced with different opportunities, but we do nothing to harness them, because we lack the required sense to utilise them. If you must, therefore, make the most of opportunities, then you must engage your brain productively.

• Be Informed
This is another vital requirement for maximising opportunities for wealth creation.
Information is the key to transformation. This involves the process of facts finding. Your life can never be better than what you know. As a matter of fact, what one knows determines how one works. How far you can see determines how high you can fly. We, therefore, need to understand that to maximise opportunities, we must seek for relevant information. Life without relevant information would lead to frustration. Prayer is good, but one needs information to operate.

• Approach Opportunities With The Sense Of Urgency
Opportunities are not permanent; they respond to those who approach them with the right sense. The undoing of many is that we are too slow to harness opportunities. “When you are sluggish, you end up as rubbish.” Procrastination is the greatest enemy of success, which is the reason we need to start cultivating the habit of doing things quickly, so that opportunities do not slip off our hands.

Life is an adventure filled with unlimited opportunities. However, it is what you put to life that determines what you get from it. Successful people are not luckier than you, but are always seeing problems as avenue for wealth creation.

• Osunsanya is 400 level student of Olabisi Onabanjo University.

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