‘Critics often misunderstand Nigerian Communication Commission’s role’

Nigerian Communications Commission

Nigerian Communications Commission

APART from its core functions of ensuring robust regulation of telecommunication service providers who are encouraged to treat the subscribers as kings and queens, the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) is often seen by some critics as a law enforcement agency that should perhaps arrest and prosecute erring operators.

This should not be so”, according to the Director of Public Affairs, Tony Ojobo.The NCC as a regulator of choice in Africa carries on its mandate according to the NCC Act of 2003 and several regulatory templates and guidelines.

“That is why we have embarked on the current phone-in-live program on radio stations across the country to explain to everybody in an interactive format what our activities are and our limit” Ojobo stated this in some radio programs that took place in the South – South East geopolitical zones of the country, recently.

In response to what role NCC plays Ojobo explained: “The Nigerian Communication Commission is the agency of government that is responsible for regulating the telecommunication industry and our role includes licensing of all telecommunication operators, including vendors of telecommunication equipment, it also includes type approval of telecommunication equipment and devices including cellphones.

The NCC Type-Approves all of these kinds of equipment. The Commission’s functions also include consumer education, consumer information and consumer protection, setting up of standards for operators in the industry. It includes monitoring the compliance of operators and service providers to the terms, the conditions and obligations that we have in their licenses.”

Ojobo disclosed that this also includes creating access and ensuring that there is access to telecommunication and that there is competition in the industry in such a way that Nigerian consumers have value for money for services that are provided for them . In a nutshell I will say these are the functions of the Commission”

He said the NCC has offices in Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Kano, Ibadan and Lagos.
“We have a customer contact center which is a toll free number, 622, which is our contact center number for resolving complaints for services provided by the Telecom operators.

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  • Study Annex

    As several electoral tribunal sits across the country examining complaints, disputes and counter disputes of last general elections across the country, one would remember the integrity and elegance the Nigerian Judiciary has matured into most recently the case of ………………………………………………………………… in Edo State.
    It will also come to mind that several governors who now sits as APC governors were given their genuine mandate claimed at the pools even when ruling party PDP had tried surreptously to wiggle power bold facedly.
    The tribunal had come with much hope and succor not only for the aspirants; but also for the people whose mandates may have been attempted stolen.
    Today, a case study is that of Segun Adewale a.k.a “Aeroland” who has claimed he won several of his elections in Lagos West but over the years had been deprived by cabals and caucus who specializes in manipulating and rigging elections in Lagos State.
    Segun Adewale, a graduate of university of Ibadan, with a Masters Degree from Lagos State University had recently challenged Solomon Olamilekan Adeola at the senatorial Pools for Lagos West. Evidences at the tribunal shows several results as inconsistent, and INEC’s lapses at helping preferred candidate clinch positions the people did not vote them into.
    Clearly, Segun Adewale who contested under PDP had won the Lagos West Senatorial Elections. But today Solomon Olamilekan Adeola a.k.a. Yayi was sworn in!
    This prompted Segun Adewale to approach the Tribunal sitting at Ikeja for a redress and the mandate of his beloved people from Lagos West to be returned to them. Some of who daily thong his campaign and personal offices for solidarity to his cause.
    “We have gone to court severally, I and millions of my supporters from Lagos West have vowed we will not rest until our stolen mandate is returned this time around” said Segun Adewale.
    Can you imagine that evidences we submitted to the court are being tampered with and some vital documents stolen from the courts? Even the judges are afraid to the extent at which desperate people go in this country over political posts.
    The APC lawyer Muiz Banire and INEC’s Lawyers all share the same office complex in Lagos. and you say there is no joint collaboration? After successfully robbing me and my people of our mandates, they still want to confuse the respectable judges? This wont and is not acceptable.
    APC members at the tribunal went ahead and changed dates on petition filed to the courts, so as to look backdated and not fit to be tendered as evidences.
    Threat messages, police harassment and bribery are quietly going underground to me, my workers and supporters. And I just hope our trusts in the judges won’t be dashed!
    The Lagos West people are keenly banking of Justice S.C Oriji, Hon Justice B.F Etuk and Honorable Justice K.Dabo’s abilities to deliver justice based on evidential truth.
    A tour around Lagos west showed gloom both in the midst of the people and on the faces of residents. most of who claim Aeroland – Mr. Segun Adewale was their preferred Senatorial Choice and were astonished to hear Yayi won, where? How? And who voted Yayi?
    You see, Segun Adewale has been our man for years. He lives and eats among us! And we won’t rest until he claims the mandate back this time around. We are just waiting – said One Elder Moses Akinjobi, a community leader in Ikotun Egbe Area.
    All the youth in the areas had restless and organizing meeting themselves since the elections. they were going to march on INEC and the tribunal sitting in Ikeja. it took the intervention of myself and the Oba to douse the tension.
    Of course, Segun Adewale himself has been going round telling Lags West people to be calm, that this time around, things at the tribunal will be different.
    Copies of petition over missing documents, forgery by INEC, rigging by the reporters. Also petitions filed with the Chief Judge of the Federation by Segun Adewale’s Lawyers were obtained by our reporters.
    Segun Adewale also claimed he will petition President Mohammed Buhari and President Cameron of Britain of electoral malpractices in Lagos State using INEC and the tribunal.
    Whether President Buhari will look his way and live up to the integrity around the President’s name is a waiting game. And of course the President was also elected under the APC party whom Segun Adewale is challenging at the tribunal.
    Today, tribunal examining Lagos West polls holds in its hands the future of millions of Lagosians. To teach them truth and boldness. To rise up and be different. To be the lone voice in the wilderness, and finally to give the audacity of hope to the common man.