LG predicts lifestyle technology as trends in future cities

LG-ElectronicsLG Electronics has predicted expected lifestyle technology trends in the city of the future as an explorative and predictive exercise, paying attention to the areas that are likely to impact the cities, such as technology, economics, climate, culture and demographics.

According to the forecasts, there is a tremendous need for innovations and products that will help consumers experience an elevated standard of living.One of such companies is LG Electronics with its forward-thinking and revolutionary products.

LG Electronics is x-raying the likely areas with a city-centric lens. The city of the future concept focuses on particular areas that will likely affect how people experience and move throughout cities for years to come.

Commenting on the issue, Head of Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Rajesh Agnihotri, said: “We care about our consumers and their well-being; that is why we are committed to producing cutting-edge technologies that will not only shape their lifestyles but also solve their problems.”

The LG Signature line of home appliances, are perfect examples of what the future looks like. In the eyes of the electronics giant, future appliances will not only look great, they will be much easier to use.

The appliances likely to dominate the future will boast of features such as doors that can automatically open when you approach, easy to understand control panels in accessible areas, and panels that become translucent to touch. The future appliance will be more efficient and quieter; all of these features can be found in the LG signature. With this in place, the ideal future home and the future city will not only look good, but it will change ways and manners consumers interface with these devices

LG Electronics as the world’s leading manufacturer of front-loading washing machine has the credentials to back up its forecast.
A periscope into the futuristic design of the LG Signature washer in its native environment and the obvious that LG thinks tomorrow’s appliances do not have to be hidden in the basement or in a closet.

The refrigerator also seems as if it could set the tone in the future kitchen with the ability to blend in anywhere.Following the trends in tech design, LG has crafted its Signature line up to be absent of non essential features. The connectivity of the future city will equip it to keep citizens safer than ever before. By combining advanced smart technologies, LG has established itself as a brand to beat in a relatively competitive electronics market.

The desire for appliances that will help consumers display their status in the society is what has got many thrilled about the LG SIGNATURE collection. This new line of premium appliances brings about advance intuitive technology into the home. with an embellished feel that allows the collection to fuse effortlessly into the environment.

These innovations will no doubt signal a paradigm shift from the way and manner consumers initially feel about what technology can really do for them in their respective homes.Consumers in advance countries of the world are anxiously looking forward to technologies that will keep them on their toes in terms of satisfaction more than ever before. LG Electronics falls into the category of companies with forward thinking approach by churning out products that perform wonders at the highest level, tilting consumers to a long desired standard lifestyle they have always been dreaming of.

Head of Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Rajesh Agnihotri said: “We are making names for ourselves as a frontline maker of lifestyle intuited technological products; LG no doubt has carved a niche for itself as a pacesetter of innovative technologies”

LG washing machines have overtime proven to be unparalleled when it comes to performance and value. Its expanded washing machine range is specifically designed for simple living. Today, consumers have come to expect more from household appliances in terms of innovation, design and performance; LG continually delivers products that guarantee safety, reliability and durability adding to the credibility of the brand.

Technological trends in the smart market today demand an entirely new way of approach rather than relying solely on the home as the entry point for IoT, consumers should have the opportunity to interface with the various benefits of smart technology in a competing environment.

The rise of all kinds of screens ranging from laptops, tablets and smartphones has drastically changed consumers’ perception about having everyone sit down in a living room to view the screen at the same time when you can actually do that now on the go. Lifestyle technology has become more of a personalization with rather than collective efforts with the help of smart technologies. In addition, the introduction of LG OLED TVs with bigger sizes, wide viewing angle and good picture quality allow consumers an excellent view and to be more closer to their family with the help of these unique features.

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